Evidence Collection and Field Testing Kits

Blood Spatter KitFluid Specimen Collection Kit 10 - Sterile Plastic Stick Swabs 10 - Swab Boxes 20 - Swab Box Integrity Seals 3 - 3 ml Sterile Water Ampoules 1 - Large Evidence Label 1 - Large Evidence Seal 1 - Biohazard…
Police Vehicles: Things You Don't See...

Police Vehicles: Things You Don't See...

 You've all seen a police car, right? And they're all the same, right? Flashing lights, reflective department logos, ugly tires and wheels, sirens, radar units, and spotlights. But what about the things you don't see...A protective…
Police Driving Simulator: Writers' Police Academy 2011

Police Driver Training

 Police officers are taught emergency driving skills while attending the basic police academy. Each driving course is designed to simulate various real-life scenarios. Car tires are over-inflated to prevent the rubber from separating…
Police Procedure & Investigation: A Guide for Writers

Police Procedure and Investigation: A Guide for Writers.

As part of the latest Writers Digest Books Howdunit series, Police Procedure and Investigation is an authoritative guide that provides insight into a cop’s world; the terminology used by police officers; an in-depth look at the tools of the trade; squad house hierarchy; legal terms; courtroom terminology; jail, gang, and convict slang; street talk; drug crime information; con air procedures; information on autopsies and death penalty executions; cadet training procedures; fingerprinting details; a breakdown of murder and manslaughter charges; and tons of other useful information; all the things that explain why and how cops do what they do. A retired police detective, Lofland gives the lowdown on how everyday folks, as well as writers and journalists, misunderstand or incorrectly portray how the police work. Find out what mistakes you’re likely to make in your work. This book is the next best thing to having a police detective personally assigned to the reader.

With a career in law enforcement that spanned nearly two decades, author Lee Lofland is a nationally acclaimed expert on police procedures and crime scene investigations who consults regularly with best-selling authors and television producers. Now you can benefit from his years of experience with Police Procedure & Investigation.


Strengthen Your Writing Muscles

Lee provides in-depth details about crime, police procedures, and the tools used in real life investigations to help you develop better scenes and characters.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops.

Lee Lofland is a popular speaker for writers conferences and workshops. He also consults for writers of all genres.

Online Courses.

Coming soon! Online classes and workshops.

Learn About Lee Lofland.

Lee Lofland is a veteran police investigator who began his law-enforcement career working as an officer in Virginia’s prison system. He later became a sheriff’s deputy, a patrol officer, and finally, he achieved the highly-prized gold shield of detective. Along the way, he gained a breadth of experience that’s unusual to find in the career of a single officer.

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