Where have they gone?

It seems like just yesterday when they were last here

Sharing laughter and love

Games and hugs

And bedtime stories

Of giants and beanstalks

Jack Horner and Miss Muffett too

Family meals

School plays

Summertime fun

The beach

The boardwalk

Taffy and arcades

A milkshake and french fries

Special times

Fun times

Why, it was just yesterday when my mother held me in her arms

While an aunt made faces

And funny sounds

Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins

Yes, the cousins

All sizes, all shapes

Boys and girls alike

Playing in the old barn

Cowboys and cowgirls

Pretend horses and sticks for guns

Toy trucks and wagon rides

Such fun

Sometimes doing things we knew we shouldn’t

We were carefree

And worried not

Life was forever

Fireflies, hide-and-seek, and freeze tag

Seasons came and seasons went

Holidays too

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and each new year

Sleigh bells


The tree, the lights, and the angel perched high above

Turkeys and hams and holiday treats

Presents and eggnog

Laughter and love

Games and hugs

But …

It’s mostly quiet now

As I often sit, lost in thought

Where have they gone?

My grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles

It’s almost Christmas

… and they’re no longer here.

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  1. Lyn
    Lyn says:

    When I saw the title of the post, Lee, I immediately thought of the holes in The Thin Blue Line. Then when I read it, I thought of my Mum and Dad, my half-brother, my twin brother (I never knew), my grandparents…the list goes on. At 70, I’m the oldest in our family now.

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    I started writing At 76 soon to be 77, and I miss these same things. But, I love my life. I get to live in my imaginary world where the magic happens. And, that magic is my 12-year-old Granddaughter who writes better than I do. Other students like her make me believe the future is bright. and the world will be in good hands

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