Candies and cakes,

And eggnog too.

Turkey, ham, and stuffing.

Pumpkin pie,

For me and for you.


Family and friends,

And fireplace crackles.

Cedar logs sizzle.

Family dog,

Sleeping at the hearth.


Cookies and milk.

And laughter and squeals.

Stockings and gifts.

Silent wishes,

Happy, hopeful dreams.



Wish I was there.


Pepper spray and handcuffs,

And puking, smelly drunks.

Radios and TASERS.

Spouses battered and bruised,

Black eyes and broken bones.


Tiny tots and tears,

And drug dealers and robbers.

Sad pitiful kids.

No toys,

No place to sleep.


Crack pipes burning,

And no food, no heat.

Gunshots and stabbings.

Car crashes and suicides,

Ambulances, hospitals, and morgues.


Crying, bleeding, and dying.



Glad I have one.

Aren’t you?