Writers’ Police Academy 2012: The Secret Recipe

What’s the secret to a successful Writers’ Police Academy? Actually, the formula is quite simple…Place 200 writers in large bowl bowl. Add dozens of police officers, firefighters, EMS folks, Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories, and other experts. Stir in Lee Child, Marcia Clark, Dr. Beth Murray, and Dr. Katherine Ramsland. Sprinkle in a few generous sponsors. Add a very large dollop of SinC, and then mix ingredients well. Place entire concoction into a pre-heated police academy and wait for the excitement to boil over. Works every time!

Marcia Clark receiving briefing from WPA instructor Stan Lawhorne

Kathy Isaaics, Lee Child, and forensic anthropologist Dr. Beth Murray ready for a possible shootout with armed thugs.

The surprise mystery guest at the 2012 WPA was none other than The Mayberry Deputy along with his famous “one bullet.”

Lt. Randy Shepherd led WPA entry teams on building searches, looking for desperate criminals.

Joy waiting for her time in the limelight.

Lee Child in the driving simulator.

Lee Child and Marcia Clark with the “star” of the Shallow Grave workshop.

*More to come!

*The WPA thanks everyone who participated in the 2012 event. You guys are the greatest!


31 thoughts on “Writers’ Police Academy 2012: The Secret Recipe

  • Stacy Allen

    Fantastic as always, Lee. Thanks so much to all the presenters, sponsers, attendees, instructors…can’t wait til next years!!

  • Tina

    There’s my team clearing that criminal-infested condo! We were awesome in our awesomeness.

  • Patty H.

    After a weekend of bloodspatter, shallow graves, and gunplay, I’m back to laundry, packing lunches and the day job–which feels like comfortable slippers! Thank goodness for the officers who put their lives on the line and generously share their knowledge with us writers. Thanks Lee, for a wonderful conference. Can’t wait to get back to the writing…

  • Linda Lovely

    Lee, you did a fantastic job. A superb faculty and just the right mix of hands-on and seminars. I was delighted that we gave away all the Sisters in Crime pins, bookmarks and brochures that we brought for participants–90+ percent SinC members! What a win-win situation. THANKS!

    Linda Lovely
    Author, Marley Clark Mysteries

  • Toni Anderson

    I might die of envy :)

  • Melanie Atkins

    Such a fabulous conference! I learned so much… again! Thank you, Lee and everyone involved, for this wonderful event.

  • Tonya Price

    This was a great conference. I learned so much. No amount of online research can replace this fun, action packed learning experience. Thank you so much Lee for making this possible. The teachers, the people at the technical college, and my fellow writers were so nice. Even the hotel staff were so friendly and helpful. I didn’t have one bad experience. A truly incredible event. I saved for two years attend and I’m so glad I was able to go. A special thank you to SINC for making the conference affordable enough I could go.


  • Jenny Milchman

    This conference has tempted and tantalized me for years now. I truly hope I can make it next year.

  • Tamara Ward

    Thanks, Lee! This year’s WPA was a blast!

  • Karen Pullen

    My mind is still in overdrive from absorbing so much from such great instructors. Well-chosen topics, never a dull minute. See you next year!

  • Elizabeth

    FABULOUS!!!!! I had a fantastic time! There’s just nothing else like the WPA out there. It was my second conference and I still missed classes and experiences I would have loved to squeeze in. It’s like Disney World–you can keep coming back because you just can’t do it all in 3 days! Thank you LEE! You are the MAN. (I can’t believe you put that guitar down long enough to write a post.)

  • Mary Brookman

    Thanks to all who provided us with the hands-on experience this year. This was my third year at WPA and it just keeps getting better!

  • Melinda

    Thanks to everyone involved in putting on this incredible event. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to do it again!

  • Lee Lofland

    Elizabeth, I wish I had that absolutely fantastic guitar. Believe me, I wanted it (I was drooling over it). But it was Lee Child who placed the highest bid, not me.

  • Hannah Jayne

    The only thing I like about leaving WPA each year is knowing that I’ll be back next year, and that Lee and the gang will have something even more amazing up their collective sleeves! Thanks for an incredible time, and please tell the whole teaching gang that there were more times than I care to mention when I had to hold myself back from tackling them in bear hugs, blubbering “thank God you do what you do!”

  • Cathy O

    I’ve been telling everyone about the fabulous time I had this weekend and several have asked if there will be one next year because they want to come too. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that much fun in one weekend. Can’t wait for next year!!!

  • Lee Lofland

    Please, for me, remember to thank SinC for making the WPA such an attractive deal for members. A short email to SinC will go a long way!

  • Sharon Marie

    Thank you Lee, instructors, SinC and everyone to helped to make this year’s WPA an amazing adventure into a world we’d normally not see. It helped me nail my perp! :)

  • Jeanne Stein

    What more can you ask for? Fun, great companionship, a wonderful, patient group of instructors, guns and mayhem. I’m already looking forward to next year.

    Thanks, Lee, and everyone at GTCC, the sponsors, SinC, and Lee’s hard working staff.

    Jeanne Stein (second in line in the first photo)

  • Terry Odell

    Add my thanks … and more thanks for not having a picture of me behind bars this time.

    Terry’s Place

  • Mel Parish

    Thank you for arranging such an amazing event. It far exceeded all my expectations. And an extra thanks for all your efforts in navigating the hiccups and getting me to that ride-a-long! I’ve always had a lot of respect for the police and emergency services, but now I’m just in awe. I second the comment above – thank God they do what they do.

  • Katherine Nyborg

    It was another fabulous year, Lee! Thank you, ALL of you, for the energy and hours you put into making it happen. WPA is a treasure trove of great information, but nothing tops getting to meet the REAL good guys who so generously share their time with us.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Next year? Yes please!

  • Maureen Caudill

    This was my second year at WPA, and I’ve struggled to know exactly how to assess the experience. Unfortunately, all I’ve been able to come up with are three little words:

    WHAT A BLAST!!!!!!

    I’m already waiting for registration for 2013. This is INCREDIBLE fun!!!

  • Julie Godfrey Miller

    Thanks, Lee, for the great WPA. Now I understand why people attend multiple times. I can’t imagine any other place where we could meet and mix with so many professionals who are so willing to answer all of our questions.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for next year

  • Maris

    Thanks Lee. I wondered why some people were saying this was their second or third WPA. I now understand. There is simply too much to do and absorb to just go once. I already have a list of Wanna-dos for my next WPA. And yes, thanks to all who made this possible: Sisters-in-Crime, the library and fantastic librarians, the officers, guest presenters, agents, and everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make those 4 days absolutely fantastic.

  • Rachel Howzell

    Lee, this was worth the long journey from Los Angeles. I learned so much and met so many great people. My stories will benefit greatly! Thank you for all that you do for writers AND readers.

  • Sasscer Hill

    This really sounds like a stellar meeting. I plan to come next year! Do we have dates yet?

  • Dana Stabenow

    I protest. It’s not raining.

  • Betty Hechtman

    This was my second WPA and they keep getting better. BTW, I gave a thanks to Lee for WPA in the acknowledgements of If Hooks Could Kill, Berkley Prime Crime, which comes out at the beginning of November.

  • Ursula Renee

    This was my first WPA. I learned a lot and met wonderful people. It was the best weekend.

  • Jordan

    Thanks Lee, and to GCCC, SinC, and everyone who was involved in such an awesome weekend!

    The part I can’t stand about WPA… is Sunday, when it’s all over and everyone goes home. You’re exhausted, and yet, you still want more. I know I did.

    OK, got the bad part out of the way. What’s the good part?

    The WHOLE dang weekend!!!!

    I’m already planning for next year…

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