What Makes a Killer?

Source: Top-Criminal-Justice-Schools.net

*The infographic above does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Graveyard Shift. It was written by the good folks at topcriminaljusticeschools. I did not have a hand in it in any way.

As always, this is NOT a forum for arguments about gun control or no gun control.

5 thoughts on “What Makes a Killer?

  • Andrea

    The stats are very interesting, but also somewhat misleading. There are people who just LOVE to compare the US to Japan on this issue, and it’s completely dishonest. Japan is a small island nation with a history of xenophobia and highly cooperative culture. The US is a pile of immigrants from everywhere with a culture of individualism. Also, Japan has pretty strict gun control, while the US is less regulated. It would be far more honest to compare countries that were more alike, but then all shock value from the result would be lost, because there wouldn’t be much difference.

    I would also argue that the stat claiming that “non white firearm ownership” is probably misleading, as well. What is it based on? Self report?

    I do find it interesting there are FAR more gun suicides than gun murders, and that those gun suicides are only enough to land 10th place on the cause of death list.

    For a little levity, though, looking at this chart, I would suggest that we seriously need to consider banning cities! They’re terribly dangerous!

  • Lee Lofland

    I know. I was “this” close to not publishing this one. However, their sources are good ones, for the most part.

  • Andrea

    Some people really can’t handle certain topics without getting all bent out of shape. I enjoy them, especially when someone with an opposing view can articulate their stance and the reason for it. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes someone really does have a reason that I never thought of!

  • GunDiva

    I agree with Andrea, cities are very dangerous. I’ll just continue to live out in the boonies :)

  • Danielle Hanna

    You’ll also notice, the chart compares total US gun deaths (suicide & homicide) to just Japanese gun homicide, which skews the interpretation even further.

    Despite that, lots of interesting information here.

    Agreed, GunDiva, the boonies are best! Just learned my sheriff’s department struggles to outfit the officers with bullet-proof vests, and a lot of the guys don’t wear them anyway because the ones they have are old and useless (aside from being a pain to wear). Thank goodness it’s a quiet, rural community. But does that keep me from worrying? Nope. When I make millions, I’ll be setting up my own grant for new vests and immediately approve my local sheriff’s department. :-)

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