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3 Responses to “Paralegal Superstars: Unsung Heroes of the Legal World”

  • SZ says:

    Lee your theme song (with a word change) would be “You make learning fun” !
    Fleetwood Mac

    I am surprised there was only one man in the whole list up there. Also thought they would make more. Me thinks they are doing a big part of the job

  • Helen Chapman says:

    I see these ads all the time Lee. I appreciate that some paralegals in big cities working for blue chip firms may make upwards of $100K a year. But for most of us down in the trenches, incomes are closer to $24K a year.

    I’ve been at this for 15 or so years, have a degree [many are only certified-- meaning a 6 to 9 month course] and am well respected by attorneys, but unless I want to go to nashville, I won’t be making anywhere near what this site claims.

  • Lee Lofland says:

    The income listed is an across-the-country average. I know a few who earn much more. I also have a friend who makes less than the average.The same is true for police officers. Some earn in excess of $200,000 while others make less than $30,000.

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