PostHeaderIcon Friday’s Heroes: Remembering The Fallen

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Deputy Sheriff Craig S. Whisenand, 44

Tazewll County Illinois Sheriff’s Office

August 10, 2015 – Deputy Sheriff Craig S. Whisenand was killed in a vehicle crash while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

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First Lieutenant Arthur A. Green, III, 58

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

August 9, 2015 – First Lieutenant Arthur A. Green was killed in a plane crash while en route to in-service training. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

PostHeaderIcon Cheryl Yeko: A Pre-WPA Explosion!

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Typically, when Writers’ Police Academy staff members blow the doors off a structure, well, they stay off, and the ensuing damage is practically, if not totally, irreversible.

However, a more subdued explosion has already occurred. The spark that set it off ignited a few months ago when the first suspicious package arrived at the Wisconsin residence of Cheryl Yeko, the hard-working writer who volunteered to head up the silent auction at this year’s Writers’ Police Academy.

This (poor Cheryl and friends) is the story of what happened. I don’t know all the gory details, but here’s what I know so far. By the way, I understand ALL of the damage and destruction was caused by writers from all over the world. Yes, this IS your fault! Here goes…

First came one package, then two, then three, and then….BOOM!

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And they continued to arrive until Cheryl’s once neat and tidy home became filled with signed books, paintings, baskets, and tons of other really cool things.

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So Cheryl and quickly went to work, attempting to contain as much of the suspicious “material” as she possibly could.

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Of course, it takes a team to conquer such a task, so Sue and Susan joined the dangerous assignment of assembling baskets for the…fantastic WPA silent auction! Yes, these fine woman are all volunteers who took on the difficult job of handling the WPA silent auction. Oh, you really thought…


Anyway, also helping out were Cheryl’s mom and sister-in law Diane. Of course, we can’t forget the husbands’ contributions to the effort. Sue’s husband held down to the fort and babysat for their cat while she drove all the way to from Illinois to Wisconsin, several times, to spend many hours at Cheryl’s house assembling baskets. Susan’s husband took on the job of loading the baskets (over one-hundred with more to be delivered) and transporting them from Cheryl’s home to the police academy, another long road trip.

In the end, though, everything came together nicely, and…

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…no one was injured during the making of WPA auction baskets. Best of all, the three committee members are still friends.

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When you meet these wonderful women at the WPA, please thank them for all their hard work. I know I deeply appreciate all they and their families have done for us.

Oh yeah, back to the explosion. This is the aftermath, as Cheryl called it, of the event to be forever known as the 2015 WPA Auction Item Apocalypse.


*Cheryl’s husband, Patrick, by the way, had the job of bringing in all those packages as they arrived. He also cleaned up the post-apocalyptic mess and hauled it away.

Again, thank you all for your help. Now it’s up to each of the WPA attendees to make their hard work a true success. So please, please, please support the effort and BUY every single item!!!


For more on Cheryl, Sue, and Susan’s basket-assembling adventure, please visit Cheryl’s blog, Cheryl Yeko, Where Love Always Wins.

*WPA profits benefit the scholarship fund at our host academy/college.

See you in one week!


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