Murder Really Bugs Me: The Insects

When investigators find maggots on a body that are in their early larvae stages, say…oh…when they’re 5mm in length, well, officers will then have a pretty good idea that the victim has been there for only a day and a half, or so.

Even the mere presence of certain insects is quite telling.

Now, please do enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner!


4 thoughts on “Murder Really Bugs Me: The Insects

  • Janis Patterson

    I know they are invaluable in forensic work, but … eeeeeuuuwww! I do hate bugs!

  • Sally Carpenter

    Another reason to opt for cremation over burial–I wouldn’t want those little nasties on me even if I was dead.

  • SZ

    Eeeeewwww ! I too want to be cremated.

    Are you ok ? Tests come back ok ?

  • Lee Lofland

    Still pretty sick. More doctors on the 28th.

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