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Locked Up in America
Source: Criminal Justice Degree Hub

8 Responses to “Locked Up In America”

  • Jesus, remind me not to smoke dope in Texas. But seriously this stuff is really alarming.

  • Dave Swords says:

    Interesting that the jail populations decreased in the 40′s and 60′s. It reminds me of the choice a judge gave to Steven McQueen’s character in “The Sand Pebbles.”

    “Army, Navy, reform school”

  • Bud Crawford says:

    For an exceptional country, with a national identity based on our can-do resourcefulness, no problem too big for American ingenuity and energy, we seem to be wallowing helplessly is a number of key areas. Prisons and Congress come to mind.

  • Pat says:

    Many countries have low imprisonments because they execute their criminals.

  • Kris says:

    Wow. I live quite nicely on far less than what even Rhode Island spends on a prison inmate in a year. Pretty sad when I know folks living in poverty on SSI. Question: Why are people imprisoned HERE for breaking immigration laws? Shouldn’t they be deported?

  • Lee Lofland says:

    Many are housed in U.S. prisons while waiting to be deported, and that can be a very long process. It also keeps the beds full in the private prisons, such as those in the border states. It’s a big business that generates big bucks.

  • Jeff says:

    Thankfully our prisoners all come out reformed and ready to contribute to society. I’m kidding (obviously), but I am curious how our prisons compare to those of the other top countries on this list, and how we stack up when it comes to repeat offenders. I have a feeling it’s much more of a revolving door here, for reasons already mentioned.

  • Larkin says:

    Some wag ALWAYS has to compare the cost of prison to the cost of education, as if one had anything to do with the other.

    Every kid in America is forced to go to school. Some finish and lead good lives. Others drop out and live poor lives. Some finish and become criminals anyway, and the last bunch drop out of school to get and early start on their criminal careers.

    Obviously, school isn’t the answer. And no, richer schools won’t be the answer, either. School systems have a near-federal ability to waste money and lay stupid rules on everything.

    Pat pointed out that a lot of countries have higher execution rates. I will point out that we have an astronomical rate of illegal “immigration,” coupled with an unconscionable rate of broken families. Correction: families that were never whole, because Uncle Sugar supplanted fathers. We are like a cheap set of beads with the string broken. All over everywhere and no use to anybody.

    Here is where somebody’s going to accuse me of wanting to go back to the fifties. Untrue. But there are aspects of that time period that would be worth reviving. A code of right and wrong, personal responsibility, self-control, idealism over materialism. Little ideas like those.

    Honestly, I don’t think you’d want to go to jail in Texas. I hear it’s bad.

    Interesting batch of statistics, Lee. Can’t stop thinking: Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Thanks for the post.

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