Joe Bonsall and The Oak Ridge Boys: Sacrifice For Me

“So I can live

In the Land Of Free

Raise my kids

Live my dreams

There’s a price

For liberty”

Here is a very special video presentation honoring the Sacrifice made by so many so that we can live in The LAND of FREE.

 This song written by Joe Bonsall is available on The OAK RIDGE BOYS “It’s Only Natural” Album on iTunes, amazon and Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores… God Bless America…

*As always, my thanks to Joe Bonsall for his unwavering, faithful support of our men and women in uniform. Joe’s love of our country is, and always will be, an inspiration.

6 thoughts on “Joe Bonsall and The Oak Ridge Boys: Sacrifice For Me

  • Jaden Terrell

    Thank you, Lee. What a beautiful tribute.

  • Nancy Kattenfeld

    Lee, that was wonderful and moving. Thanks to you and The Oak Ridge Boys.

  • Wil A. Emerson

    Beautiful…Should be in every school across our great country!

  • Warren Bull

    Beautiful. Lest we forget.

  • Mary Brookman

    So touching. Thanks to the Oak Ridge Boys for their songs and their support.

  • Elaine Charton

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this tribute.

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