Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to leave this up through a day of left-overs. We are having a meeting this afternoon with the folks from Just Write Sites, our site buider and host, about the site upgrades and the online  police academy classes. We’ll keep you posted with the details as they become available.

We’ll be back on our regular schedule Monday morning. I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend.

We’re working out the details for the online classes and should have schedules ready soon.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Timber Beast

    Love it. Have a great one.

  • Peg H

    I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  • Becky Levine

    Where’s GROVER???!!

  • jagmiller5

    Love your blog, Lee.

    I’d sure be interested in an online class too, since I live up here in Duluth, Minnesota.

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