Concealed Carry: What’s In Your Underwear?

Are you having trouble concealing your handguns? Ladies, do you worry that tucking a .45 semi-auto into your unmentionables would leave a serious panty-line? How about it fellows? The elastic in those boxers not strong enough to support your weapon?

Indeed, both of the aforementioned potentially embarrassing problems are serious concerns. After all, there’s nothing worse than slipping on that curve-hugging, made-for-the-Golden-Globes Tom Ford dress only to discover the clear outline of your favorite smooth bore shot-firing pistol.

Well, your mind can now rest easy. Here are a few solutions to insomnia-inducing concealed-carry woes.

First up, is a company called UnderTech Undercover, a firm that manufactures undergarments and other wearing apparel designed especially for the fashion-conscious gun-toter.

Take a peek at UnderTech’s website to view what might prompt you to purchase a new addition to your wardrobe.

Next up is the belt buckle gun.

Then there’s a wide assortment of pocket holsters that are tailor-made to fit a variety of tiny handguns. Yes, they’re specially made to fit the pockets of pants or any other clothing hidey-holes.

Above photos – ATF

Here’s a short video about the pocket holster.

Of course, there’s always the briefcase gun and that always popular leather clutch (purse) that features a spot for lipstick and another for your favorite pistol.

*By the way, the pun near the top of the article was a product of my wacky sense of humor.

*     *     *

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5 thoughts on “Concealed Carry: What’s In Your Underwear?

  • Elizabeth Bryant

    Some of these ‘options’ seem like a really excellent way to accidentally shoot yourself in a place you REALLY don’t want to shoot yourself. Some years ago an NFL player had that happen in a movie theater. I guess it was an action movie…

  • Kris

    My first thought–after giggling about those boxers not supporting a weapon–was that carrying in your unders would make sitting down pretty uncomfortable, prone to that weapon sliding where you didn’t want it and maybe getting arrested when you try to, um, rearrange your revolver. I can see try to explain THAT to a LEO….

  • H. S. Stavrooulos

    Thanks a lot Lee…just about choked at lunch laughing!!

  • GunDiva

    Yikes! All holsters should cover the trigger unless you WANT to shoot yourself in the ass at the movie theater. Of course, you know that Lee. But you forgot my all-time favorite holster, the Flashbang :)

    Seriously, though, the Flashbang is an awesome little holster and doesn’t print at all in normal clothes. Not sure about tight workout clothes, though.

  • Pat Marinelli

    Okay, I am now cleaning Irish Breakfast tea from my keyboard. Love this.

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