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PostHeaderIcon Castle: The Greater Good – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

Well, this is my last Castle review from Coastal Georgia. By noon tomorrow we should be deep into a new adventure. We’ll also be homeless once again.

We loaded Denene’s Lincoln Hybrid onto a car carrier earlier today. I was a little anxious about sending the car via carrier. The last time we did the truck driver fell asleep and overturned the entire load of expensive vehicles—a Mercedes, Corvette, BMW’s, etc. Every car was totaled, including ours. Fortunately, the driver was not injured.

Anyway, I should be able to post some sort of article each day. We’ll see. For now, though, it’s time to talk Castle. My part will be brief since I’m typing this while standing (no furniture). So let’s kick this off with Melanie’s take on the episode.

Melanie Atkins

This week’s episode wasn’t one of my favorites, but it did have a few wonderful Rick-Kate wedding preparation moments weaved in that made me smile. Comparing invite lists the lengths of theirs can’t be easy, and with Martha involved, I can only imagine the drama.

The show got off on the wrong foot with Lanie spouting another of her magical guesses at the victim’s cause of death, with him still fully clothed at the crime scene. Of course, she also named lividity as what helped her determine time of death. Really? Again? Why do the writers keep getting this particular fact wrong? It’s so irritating.

I found the rest of the case to be a tad boring, although I did enjoy meeting Captain Gates’ sister. Funny how no one knew the woman existed. I was hoping for more of a cat fight between them, to be honest, but still… I was glad to see them reconcile at the end. I guess Gates is more human than I suspected. I like her more than I did when she first arrived on the show.

While Gates and her sister were squaring off, Beckett, Castle, and company meandered through the ho-hum case, knocking off red herrings left and right. I really thought Berman was the killer. I mean, usually it’s just that obvious. I did not suspect Gates’ sister’s partner. Anybody else?

I can’t help but wonder how long Rick and Kate’s guest list will be in the end. Will they invite everyone and his brother, or keep the list manageable? Will they plan a big wedding, only to have to cancel because Bracken, or 3xk, or some other vicious criminal interferes, and end up with a small, intimate affair? I really don’t know, and Andrew Marlowe isn’t saying.

I’m looking forward to more intense, heavy hitting episodes at the end of the season. Episodes that either keep me on the edge of my seat or make me laugh. The Greater Good wasn’t one of them. Not sure about the 70s-themed episode coming up on April 21 (in other words, no new show next week). I hope it’s good and somehow provides Rick and Kate with a wedding venue. They’re ready to mail save-the-date cards and are whittling down their guest list, but they don’t know where or when the ceremony will take place. Seriously?

Bring on more wedding prep. Lately, it’s been the best part of the show!

Lee Lofland

I don’t know if it’s because I’m exhausted from move preparations, or what, but the show this week was a real snooze fest. It was the same tired and old story, but with a few new characters. And to top it all off it was BORING. And then there’s Lanie, who not only provided inaccurate science, she possibly destroyed or altered evidence while curled up on the bed beside the dead guy.

Lanie, Lanie, Lanie…Lividity blah, blah, blah……..

When the heart stops beating, gravity pulls blood to the lowest point in the body. Blood pooling in those low areas stain the surrounding tissue giving the appearance of bruising. This staining of tissue is called livor mortis, or lividity. For example, a victim lying flat on his back when he dies exhibits lividity on his back, buttocks, and the back of his legs. The same is true on the front of the body, if the victim is found lying face down.

In the photo above, taken at the crime scene, it’s nearly impossible to gather any information about lividity because the dead man is still fully clothed AND, the lividity would be present where? That’s right. It’s on the back, back of legs and arms, etc.,  since those are the lowest part of the body.


Livor Mortis (lividity) The staining of tissue normally begins within the first two hours after death. The process reaches it’s full peak in eight to twelve hours.

If the victim is moved during the first six hours after death the purplish discoloration can shift, causing the new, lowest portion of the body to exhibit lividity.

After a period of six to eight hours after death, lividity becomes totally fixed. Moving the body after eight hours will not change the patterns of discoloration. Therefore, investigators know a body found lying face down with lividity on the back, has been moved.

Rookie officers have often confused lividity with bruising caused by fighting.

Remember, ambient air temperature is always a factor in determining the TOD (time of death). A hot climate can accelerate lividity, while a colder air temperature can slow it down considerably.

- Lanie found a set of numbers written on the victim’s palm. They were written in ink, and they’d started to fade. Lanie miraculously deduced that the victim had written them 3-4 day prior to his death. There is no way she be able to tell when the numbers were written, and by whom. So many factors come into play. Was the victim a palm-sweater? Did he not bathe or wash his hands since he wrote the numbers? Does he not wash his hands?

- Lanie discovered tape adhesive on the victim’s torso. She said, “Looking at the pattern on the adhesive, I’d say he was wearing a wire.” I still say Lanie needs to stop sniffing formalin before wandering outside, because she just may find herself in a “hospital.”

- Officers need search warrants to search someone’s banking record.

- If the victim had been wearing a wire, and he was, why would he wear it while giving ou incriminating evidence over the phone?



PostHeaderIcon Castle: The Way of the Ninja – A Good Cop/Bad Cop Review

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, considering Rick Castle’s fascination with all things strange and unusual: A ninja-centric Castle episode.

Melanie Atkins

The Way of the Ninja was a funny, fast-moving change of pace from last week’s angst filled drama, and I loved it. So many great lines and fun ninja fight scenes. Even had a little romance thrown in.

The show began with the brutal murder of a Japanese ballet dancer, then quickly refocused on Kate and Rick at the loft getting ready for the day. Kate turned down Rick’s suggestion they go to Lincoln Center that evening to hear some great jazz, because she’s supposed to have dinner with an old friend. Kate doesn’t seem too thrilled to be meeting her friend, so Rick offers to go along. “Definitely not,” Kate responds with a smirk. “You’re exactly her type, and the last thing I need is to watch someone from my past trying to seduce my fiancé while talking about the goddess that lives in her hoo-ha.” So funny! I laughed so hard, I had to run the DVR back to catch the next scene.

I was thrilled to see Perlmutter back, but less elated with his certainty the knife that killed the dancer had been hurled into her chest. He also claimed she died from having her left anterior descending artery severed before he’d done an autopsy. Heck, she was still at the crime scene with all her clothes on. Guess Perlmutter, like Lanie, has gone psychic. Didn’t like that part.

The ninja stealing the murder weapon out of Rick’s hand after they found the shrine had me rolling again. Classic Castle. Enter the woman from the Japanese consulate. I pegged her as the killer… and a ninja. Was I wrong? Yes, but only on one count.

While Kate went to have dinner with her old friend, Rick and the boys investigated the area surrounding the crime scene and found a Japanese hostess bar. More good, clean Castle fun, even with Rick being lured into a back room for some “private time” by one of the hostesses… to research a lead, of course. Ryan singing karaoke cracked me up again… especially when the guy dragged him off stage. Hilarious. Then the three of them got thrown out of the place, and the manager slapped a bill for $6K into Rick’s hand. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Kate’s evening with her friend didn’t turn out like she’d expected, either. Instead of her friend raving about her perfect life and inner goddess, she complained about her boring married life. This led Kate to question Rick about their life once they married. Would their relationship turn staid and boring, or would they keep romance alive? Rick suggested they put a promise to keep romance aflame in their marriage into their wedding vows. A noble idea followed up by a series of increasingly passionate kisses.

More twists and turns in the case as the show moved along had me picking a different person as the killer every five minutes. I must say I never zeroed in on the murdered girl’s sister as a member of law enforcement or Bedford as the killer and the “green dragon”, the man who had killed their parents back in Okinawa. When the sister unmasked Bedford after the epic final ninja fight, I was genuinely surprised. Although I’m betting Lee picked him right off.

Any way you look at it, The Way of the Ninja was a fun, entertaining episode. It held my attention and kept me laughing even after the show ended. Of course, Rick slinging the throwing star lodged in his phone into the captain’s office helped with that. How can Kate think life with Rick Castle would ever be boring?

Lee Lofland

I was happy to see Perlmutter this week. Well, I was glad until he opened his mouth to speak, spewing a ton of gobbledygookish nonsense. But then I realized what had actually  happened that turned my happy face into one gigantic frown. That wasn’t Perlmutter at all. Instead, I believe Lanie had someone in her one-stop-shop-we-do-it-all voodoo laboratory build a ventriloquist dummy that looked like Perlmutter. Because the real-life Perlmutter would never, not in a million years, say the stupid things that we heard the “dummy” say last night.

It was so bad that even the Perlmutter stand-in had a look of shame on his face when the ridiculous words fell from its wooden lips. You all know what I’m talking about, right? That nonsense about merely looking at a laceration on the victim’s chest and then magically determining that someone had “hurled” (the dummy’s word, not mine) a knife at the victim.

Even the untrained eye could certainly tell this wound (below) was caused by a knife that had been thrown by the killer, right?

Then, to add icing to the cake, Perlmutter the Pretender went on to say that the knife severed the victim’s left anterior descending artery.

AND, the faux M.E. went as far as saying the wound caused by the flying dagger killed the victim instantly.

The best/worst part of all this crap was that “Perlmutter The Sequel” was able to “see” this devastating internal damage to the victim while the body lay fully-clothed in the street—pre-autopsy.

This one earns this week’s PUHLEEZE award.

Step right up, folks, and see the incredible, amazing Dr. Perlmutter, the medical examiner with the gift of x-ray vision. No autopsy needed, and no waiting!

I know better, though. Perlmutter II must’ve answered one of those ads in the back of comic books. For the low, low price of $1 anyone can see through human flesh.

Add another twenty-five cents and buyers can see a friend’s body beneath their clothes.

As far as Beckett and the police procedure go… I think I’ll let Castle sum it up.

Of course, the ninja-killer was really easy to spot this week. When we first saw him he was standing, in silhouette, in front of a window. It was a great profile shot that screamed, “I’m the killer of the week!”

Overall, the show was a lot of fun. It took us back to earlier times when Castle and “the boys” were good for several laughs during the show.

But, my writer friends, please drop the pens and step away from the police procedure and M.E. material. You do not want this in your books. Well, unless you want to rid yourself of numerous fans/readers, and a whole lot of credibility.


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