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An article by Lee Lofland

New Picture

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Publisher: Prometheus Books

Masters of True Crime features 17 riveting tales written by some of the top true-crime writers in the world. Lee’s story, Murder on Minor Avenue, is a gripping tale of love, mass murder, and…dismemberment.

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Police Procedure and Investigation

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Police Procedures and InvestigationAs part of the latest Writers Digest Books Howdunit series, Police Procedure and Investigation is an authoritative guide that provides insight into a cop’s world; the terminology used by police officers; an in-depth look at the tools of the trade; squad house hierarchy; legal terms; courtroom terminology; jail, gang, and convict slang; street talk; drug crime information; con air procedures; information on autopsies and death penalty executions; cadet training procedures; fingerprinting details; a breakdown of murder and manslaughter charges; and tons of other useful information; all the things that explain why and how cops do what they do. A retired police detective, Lofland gives the lowdown on how everyday folks, as well as writers and journalists, misunderstand or incorrectly portray how the police work. Find out what mistakes you’re likely to make in your work. This book is the next best thing to having a police detective personally assigned to the reader.

“A masterpiece . . . Police Procedure and Investigation offers everything, I mean everything, an author–novelist or nonfiction–needs to know about law enforcement: from police headquarters and laboratories to crime scenes to courthouses to jails. And Author Lee Lofland pulls off another coup–he’s managed to gives us this encyclopedia of information in a style that’s crisp, concise and damn fun to read. “

— Jeffery Deaver, author of The Bone Collector and The Sleeping Doll


September 2007 issue of The Writer

CSI … I don’t think so

By Lee Lofland

Mystery writers, take note: A retired detective describes the not-so-glamorous life of a crime-scene investigator

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