About Lee Lofland

Lee Lofland is a veteran police investigator who began his law-enforcement career working as an officer in Virginia’s prison system. He later became a sheriff’s deputy, a patrol officer, and finally, he achieved the highly-prized gold shield of detective. Along the way, he gained a breadth of experience that’s unusual to find in the career of a single officer.

During Lee’s career, he solved cases in areas including narcotics, homicide, rape, murder-for-hire, robbery, burglary, and ritualistic and occult crimes. He worked as an undercover officer for several jurisdictions, and he even spent a few years as a narcotics K-9 handler. He received advanced certifications from the U.S. Department of Justice, Virginia State Police Academy, and the DEA, and he maintained certificates in Crime Scene Management and Crime Scene Investigations. He also supervised a Street Crimes Unit and Tactical Entry Teams for the execution of high-risk search warrants. He even served as an Internal Affairs Investigator.

Later in his career, Lee became a police academy instructor and instructor trainer. During his tenure at the academy, he taught defensive tactics, firearms, officer survival, interview and interrogation, and CPR and first aid.

Lee saw the toughest parts of law enforcement first hand. He had to shoot and kill an armed bank robber – something every police officer hopes he never has to do – and was awarded medals of valor for his conduct. Lee also witnessed the execution of one of the country’s worst serial killers who Patricia Cornwell’s bestselling book, Postmortem was based upon. The execution was the first in the U.S.A resulting from a verdict based on the use of DNA.

It’s thrilling to listen to Lee describe his career. He’s a born raconteur, able to depict the gamut of police work from the often-monotonous daily routine to the piercing moments of absolute terror. His wit and humor shed light to a side of law enforcement most have never seen.

Lee divides his time speaking, consulting, and writing. He’s a proud member of  the National Sheriffs’ Association, International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and he previously served as, Board Member on the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, NCADD in the Silicon Valley, an Advisory Board Member for ECPI’s criminal justice program in Greensboro, N.C.,  and as a Board Member for the New England chapter of Mystery Writers of America.

In addition to his books, Lee writes articles for both Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime newsletters. He also writes regular features and exclusives for newspapers across the country. He’s written for both The Writer magazine and Writer’s Digest Magazine, and has served as a consultant for Slate Magazine, Spike TV, and for many bestselling authors, to name a few. As an expert, Lee has appeared on BBC television, CNN, and on NPR radio’s Talk of the Nation, and he’s the host and founder of the Writers’ Police Academy, a fun and exciting hands-on event for writers.

Most recently, Lee was proud to swear-in author Tami Hoag as Honorary Sheriff of the 2016 Writers’ Police Academy, a position held by Karin Slaughter in 2015, Michael Connelly in 2014 and Lisa Gardner in 2013. Lee Child served as the 2012 Honorary Sheriff. Christopher Reich in 2011 and Jeffery Deaver in 2010. Craig Johnson is set to take the reins in 2017.

Writing comes naturally to Lee — it’s in his genes! Click here to read about his direct connection to Edgar Allen Poe!

Peruse Lee’s site, enjoy yourself, and see where he’s speaking next.

* Lee and his wife, Dr. Denene Lofland, currently reside in a discreet location where they are working hard at enjoying life.


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