A Shift In The Graveyard

Young eyes, once twinkling lights of hope and promise, give way to fading dreams.

Aging outer shells, no longer impenetrable barriers between health and disease

Malignancy devastates foundation, slowly depleting lifetimes of confidence and optimism

Despair waits hopelessly for renew

And for repair that never arrives.

Alas, around the next turn awaits the end.

Its embrace is certain.

As certain as time itself.

*Photos by Sunday Kaminski. The text, well, I’m the guilty party.

8 thoughts on “A Shift In The Graveyard

  • Christopher Mitchell (Another Government Employee)


  • Mario R.


  • Mario R.

    Interesting, though — all of them VWs. Coincidence? Preference of the photographer, or yours? Any sort of background information on these?

  • Lee Lofland

    No other background other than the photographer likes VW’s. She also photographs abandoned houses and other buildings.

    If you’ve followed the WPA short story contests over the years you’ve seen more of her work. We used them as the basis for the tales. And, her photos have been featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.

  • Diana Hockley

    My husband loves the old Combi vans. I believe the last one rolled off the assembly line in Brazil last year. Thank you for sharing :)

  • Pat Marinelli

    Brings back fond memories of my very first car. Big sigh!

  • Chief Scott Silverii

    This is one of my favorite post Lee. Kinda sad though but great pics.

  • Danielle Hanna

    Love the trees growing out of the VWs. Made me laugh, but it does kinda symbolizes a situation that’s been stagnant for a long time and isn’t likely to change.

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