A Crime Writer’s Mini Dictionary: E Through F


Has your protagonist ever been at a loss for the right words? Do her fans believe what she’s saying? Here are a few terms that might help when she’s out and about in Fiction Land.


EC – Emergency Contact

EDP – Emotionally Disturbed Person

Eight Ball – 1/8th ounce of cocaine/meth/crack (3.5 grams).

Eighth Amendment – Prohibits cruel and unusual punishment and excessive bails and fines.

Embezzlement – Fraudulent appropriation of property or funds to one’s own use. It is a larceny.

En Banc – A matter that’s considered by the full court, such as all judges of an appellate court rather than only one or two.

Entrapment – Defense which excuses a defendant from criminal activity because that illegal activity was a result of government persuasion/trickery.

Erroist – Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes. A true dumbass.

ERT – Evidence Eradication Team (Fire and EMS personnel when they arrive on the scene of, well, anything).

Exclusionary Rule – Prohibits the introduction of evidence acquired by improper or illegal police action (improper search and seizure, etc.).

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Extradition – The surrender by one state to another of an accused or convicted person. A state governor has the right to demand the return of a person/suspect as long as probable cause of a crime exists.

Eye Socket Stabilization – Nickname for the self defense tactic where the victim uses their fingers to gouge the eyes of an attacker. Very effective.



Fact-finder – Judge or jury charged with determining the facts of a court proceeding.

FADAR – Sitting on the side of the road giving the appearance of running radar, but with absolutely no intention of stopping a car. It’s a great tactic for reducing the speed of travelers. It’s also a great time to read a few pages from a favorite novel.

False Arrest – Unlawful restraint of one’s personal liberty.

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FD – Fire Department

Felony – A high/serious crime typically punishable by imprisonment (not jail), or death.

Felony Blue – When the chemical in a field test kit for cocaine turns blue. A positive result.

Fighting Words – Words that incite violence and breach of the peace, and that cause injury.

Fire Bomb – Any container of flammable material such as gasoline and/or kerosene, or other chemical compound, having a wick composed of any material which is capable of igniting the contained flammable material.

Flight – Leaving or concealment/hiding to avoid arrest.

Forcible Entry – Entering the property of another without that person’s permission. In some areas a mere trespass is considered forcible entry.

Fourth Amendment – Prohibits unreasonable search and seizure.

Fratricide – The killing of one’s brother.

FTD – Fixing To Die (often used when describing a severely injured victim of a vehicle crash). “Rescue is on the way to the ER with the driver, but he’s FTD.”

Fresh Pursuit (Hot Pursuit) – An immediate, ongoing chase of a fleeing criminal suspect who is attempting to avoid capture. During a fresh pursuit, officers may cross jurisdictional boundaries, and they’re permitted to make an arrest of the fleeing subject without a warrant.

FTA – Failure To Appear (miss a court date).

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  • Pat Marinelli

    Thanks for continuing this. Awesome!

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    Live these; so helpful. My police officer son uses most of them.

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    Ha! Evidence Eradication Team!! I’ll be laughing about that all day. Probably not funny for the investigators, though. :-)

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    I’m really enjoying these and look forward to making it all the way to Z. — Thanks!

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    What a helpful list! I knew a few of these, but definitely not all. Thanks for sharing.

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    How do I get A-D? And will this all be published as a monograph?
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