PostHeaderIcon A Cop’s Thanksgiving: Almost Home

Morning parade
Smiling faces
Squealing children
Marching bands
Families gather
Fire crackles
Turkey legs
Pumpkin pie
Football games
Pistol. Badge. Vest.
Kiss the kids, and please, save a drumstick for me.
I’m almost home.

Family traveling
Smiling faces
Squealing children
Thoughts of
Grandmother’s cooking
Turkey legs
Pumpkin pie
Crackling fire
Football games.
Happy. Love. Joy.

Drunk drivers
Speeding drivers
Texting drivers
Careless drivers
Aggressive drivers
Sleepy drivers
Depressed drivers
Distracted drivers
Reckless drivers
Road rage
A horrible collision.
An entire family, gone.

Tangled metal.
Three little ones.
Mother and father, too.
I don’t know.
A couple hours, at least.
Yes, save a drumstick.
Hug our kids.
Tell them I love them.
I’ll be there soon.
Those poor children, though...
They’ll never go home again.

10-4, send the coroner.

Yes, five victims.

Tell her there’s no rush.

I’ll be standing by.

There’s nothing else I can do for them.

Those poor children.

They were almost home.

Almost home…

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