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PostHeaderIcon Writers’ Police Academy: It Wasn’t All Work

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Writers’ Police Academy

Picture Of The Day

PostHeaderIcon Writers’ Police Academy: Jeffery Deaver Trains With The Recruits

This is one entry team no criminal wants to face. WPA recruit Rebekah Aidukatis, ATF Special Agent Rick McMahan, and the master of the twisted ending himself, Jeffery Deaver, made quick work of drug dealers and other armed thugs during the WPA FATS training. When these three entered a building you knew they were there and that they meant business.

Criminal justice instructor Bill Lanning was described by the recruits as AWESOME. That’s pretty much his opinion of the Bone Collector, as well.

Firing an M-4 using three-round bursts, Deaver found his targets with laser-like accuracy. This guy can really shoot!

WPA organizer and my guardian angel, Nancy Metzner, was mother hen to all. Here she looks on, I’m sure, to see to it that Jeffery Deaver had no problems during his training.

Instructor Stan Lawhorne helps a recruit and first-time shooter. We called her “Number 4″ because many of her rounds (marked by a number 4) were often found landing in unusual places, like tree tops, street signs, and generally any place where the bad guys weren’t. She was a great sport and by the time the training was over she’d found her mark. Learning to shoot is difficult enough, but she learned the hard way—in the dark, under stressful conditions, and with moving targets.

Julie Goyette (WPA staff), Jeffery Deaver, and Nancy Metzner look on as EMS personnel treat a shooting victim in the academy hallway.

Verna Dreisbach, Jeffery Deaver, Lee Lofland, and Marco Conelli at the Friday night meet and greet reception.

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Writers’ Police Academy photo of the day!

Sophie Littlefield in an “arresting” pose.

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