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PostHeaderIcon Castle: He’s Dead She’s Dead – A Review of the Police Procedure and Other Nonsense

Is it over yet? That was my reaction ten minutes into this episode. As much as I normally enjoy the show, I must say this particular episode was exactly what I needed to take the final edge off the leftover Writers’ Police Academy adrenaline high. Sure, everyone looked nice, there was a dead body, and Det. Ryan even had a couple of spotlight moments (is it just me or he is beginning to really stand out as a key player in this show?), but there simply wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I actually fell asleep a few times while attempting to watch. It was sort of like going to a rock concert where the headliner is a band from the 70’s that plays all the chords and sings all the right lyrics, but there’s no life in the performance. They’re tired. And Castle and Beckett looked tired this week.

Or was it the writer who blew this one for me? Let’s look back at another episode written by Moira Kirkland. Tick, Tick, Tick was a two-part episode and here’s my opening comment from the first week’s review:

Tonight’s episode is the first of a two-parter, and I have to admit I’m thankful the network broke this particular show into segments. Why? Because there’s no way I could stomach this all in one sitting. The writers definitely went for over the top stupid this time.

So maybe the actors had nothing to work with this week. Anyway, on with the show…

– We start with a woman who found her mother’s dead body inside a sleeper sofa with an ice pick protruding from her neck—pointed end embedded into the flesh. I’m not sure how much room was inside the sofa, but there had to have been a lot because the weapon stood straight out. Wouldn’t a normal sleeper sofa mattress be tightly compressed, which wouldn’t allow the weapon to be so perfectly placed for the viewing audience? Not a big deal…just an observation.

– When the daughter opened the sofa her mother’s body rolled out and flopped into view like a wet fish. A few minutes later Lanie Parish states the body was in full rigor, therefore, it should have been as unyielding as a fireplace poker. Or, was the queen of all psychic pathologists looking into the future. Sure, that’s it. She had a brief flash. Maybe she’d just watched Chuck and a little of his abilities cross-contaminated the two networks.

Voodoo doctor Parish also went on to say:

1. No scratches on the metal part of the ice pick. Why’d she say that? Was it important information? I guess she said it because later in the show we’d learn that the predictable, obvious killer would purchase a new ice pick. But for Lanie to say it when and how she did was an info dump. I hope you guys insert your clues a little more tactfully.

2. Time of Death was 5-7 p.m. the night before. On what did she base this? Anyone know?

3. Cause of death was blood loss and asphyxiation and that the victim was alive when she was placed inside the couch—something about some scratch marks proving the latter. How’d she know the family cat hadn’t been trapped inside the sofa (It really must be like the Grand Canyon inside that piece of furniture).

– Det. Ryan referred to the patrol officers as uniforms and uni’s. Good information!

– Officers brought a suspect in for questioning. He supposedly wasn’t under arrest (not even any real evidence against him), yet he was handcuffed and the officers were manhandling him like two linebackers roughing up a quarterback during the Superbowl. However, in real life, anytime a person no longer feels they are free to leave an area (because of police actions) then they are considered to be under arrest. And that doesn’t always have to involve handcuffs or locked doors. This guy was definitely not free to leave.

– Was it just me, or were there far too many commercials in this episode? More than usual?

– Beckett made her usual, “Don’t leave town” comment. Police officers cannot order someone to stay put without the proper paperwork from the courts. And something was different about her this week. I did notice that she wore a lot more makeup than ever before. But that wasn’t it. Anybody?

The ending was as predictable as sunrise and sunsets. The only good thing about it was that it arrived, finally.

Sorry, Guys. This time I really didn’t like the show. So go ahead, start blasting me. I can take it.

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