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PostHeaderIcon Thoughts: From the Writings of Dr. John Lofland, The Milford Bard

Oh! Liberty, how lovely are thy charms,

Thus to call forth embattling bands to arms!

T’ avenge his country’s wrongs, her rights to save,

To win a glorious garland, or a grave;

To rend the chains of cheerless slavery,

To give unborn millions liberty;

To dash the sceptre from the despot’s hand,

Heroes have nobly bled, and patriots plann’d…

Oh! War, what horrors follow in thy train,

What scenes of grief, of dark despair and pain?

Methinks I see the dying and the dead,

Adown this hill, upon their grassy bed;

I hear the cry of wounded men, in vain,

Calling on wives and children, o’er the main;

Calling on wives and children, they no more

Shall see on life’s now fast receding shore;

I see forms of those who died, that we

Might live and long enjoy liberty…

Dr. John Lofland, The Milford Bard

PostHeaderIcon Weekend Road Trip: The Oregon Coast

Oregon has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country, and I’m awestruck each time I visit. So I was really pleased when Mary Quinlisk offered to send us some photos of the Oregon coast. Looking at these sort makes me homesick for the top left corner of the country and all our friends we left behind when we migrated east. I hope everyone enjoys the photos as much as I have. Thanks again, Mary!

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