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PostHeaderIcon Weekend Road Trip: Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

The Graveyard Shift wishes everyone a Happy Halloween! Please have fun, but stay safe.

Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

– Avoid costumes that greatly reduce visibility or are too dark for motorists to see. Apply face paint instead. It’s safer than bulky masks.

– Plan the route you and your children will take well in advance. Tell someone else about those plans and what time you’ll return home.

– Stick to well-lit areas.

– Attach reflective tape to costumes.

– Use fire-resistant materials in costumes.

– Carry a flashlight or glow stick, but not a lighted candle. Candles are burn hazards.

– Trick-or-treat in groups, accompanied by at least one adult.

– Attach kid’s names, address, and phone number to their clothes in case they become separated from adults.

– Teach children to exit and enter vehicles from curbside, away from traffic.

– Stay on sidewalks as much as possible, and cross at corners. Do not walk between parked cars. Always look both ways before crossing.

– Children should not eat candy while out, until an adult examines it. Candy should not show signs of improper sealing, punctures, or holes.

– Do not allow children into apartment buildings unless accompanied by an adult, and only visit homes with outside lighting.

– Residents should remove obstacles such as tools, ladders or toys from their sidewalks, porches and front yards.

– Keep lighted jack-o-lanterns away from porches or other areas where they could ignite a low-hanging costume.

PostHeaderIcon Friday’s Heroes: RememberingThe Fallen

Detention Officer Dionicio Camacho, 51

Harris County Texas Sheriff’s Department

Officer Dronicio Camacho suffered a heart attack on October 21, 2009 during defensive tactics training. He was hospitalized on life support, but passed away on October, 23, 2009. Officer Comacho leaves behind his wife and son.

Reserve Deputy Mike Wilken, 56

Ramsey County Minnesota Sheriff’s Department

On October 24, 2009, Deputy Mike Wilken was directing traffic at an annual sheriff’s office D.A.R.E. fund raiser, a Halloween haunted house, when he was struck by a car as he walked on a crosswalk. He succumbed to his injuries the following day. Deputy Wilken leaves behind his wife, two children and three siblings.

Special Agent Forrest Leamon, 37

Special Agent Chad Michael, 30

Special Agent Michael Weston, 37

United States Department of Justice – Drug Enforcement Administration

Agents Forrest Leamon, Chad Michael, and Michael Weston were returning from an counter-narcotics mission in Afghanistan when their military helicopter crashed, killing all three agents. The military personnel on board the aircraft also died in the crash.

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