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PostHeaderIcon Weekend Road Trip: Kayaking the Parker River

Last weekend, Denene and I paddled ten or twelve miles up the Parker River starting near the mouth of the Merrimack. We began the trip at high tide with little or no wind. The river was calm, with a texture almost pudding-like.

By the time we reached halfway we were paddling into 40 – 50 mph wind gusts. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the water temperatures in New England are still quite frigid. The spray felt like ice crystals hitting our faces. The water became so rough I elected to leave the camera in the waterproof container. Besides, if I’d stopped paddling long enough to take a picture I’d have been blown backward, losing what little momentum I had. It was a blast!

The trip started out calmly.

These two were nesting. They allowed me to get fairly close, but the expressed their displeasure quite loudly.

This pair wasn’t as cordial. They took to the air, circling my head until I moved on.

This guy didn’t care how close I got.

Love was definitely in the air.  We saw dozens of “pairs” of horseshoe crabs along the water’s edge.

The wind started to pick up about halfway through the trip, bending these reeds.

We ran into a group of young kids on a guided kayak tour. The instructor/guides began to frantically get the kids to the nearest shore when the wind started pushing waves over the tops of the boats. They all made it out safely. (These photos were taken before the winds struck).

The wind was starting to pick up. This was the last photo I took. Waves began to splash over the bow soon after.

PostHeaderIcon Police Rumors, Scandals, and Scoops

- Outside looking in: A distraught man barricaded himself inside a New York sheriff’s office. The building was evacuated after the suspect fired a shot.

- Bite me!: A Connecticut police instructor was arrested on reckless endangerment charges for biting a co-worker. The female employee and the instructor were engaged in horseplay when she said, “Bite me.” So he did.

- A rural N.C. police department spent $20,000 for two police dogs, and another $10,000 for training, a sum that drained their budget. Officials had originally hoped to purchase bullet and stab proof vests for the animals, but couldn’t scrape up the additional $1,600. However, local citizens have begun a fund raising campaign to purchase the vests.

- NYPD forensic investigator, Michelle Lee, was stabbed to death in her home. An ex-boyfriend was arrested for Lee’s murder. Forensic evidence left at the scene – evidence normally collected by Lee – was used to learn the identity of the killer.

- A Miami teen escaped from police custody by running away from the arresting officer. The police officer managed to get one cuff on the lad’s wrists before the kid made his break. The boy was charged with stealing the handcuffs.

- A jail inmate in St. Mary’s, Florida escaped from jail, stole several packs of cigarettes from a nearby convenience store, and then attempted to break back into jail. He was nabbed during the re-entry, and was later charged with escape and burglary.

– A man in Wingerworth, England was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for repeatedly whistling the Addams Family theme at his neighbors. Prosecutors say the behavior was absolutely intolerable.

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