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PostHeaderIcon Weekend Road Trip

I’m currently on an actual road trip to the Midwest conducting research for a┬ánew book. I hope to back in the office Saturday afternoon and, if all goes as planned, I’ll post the real Weekend Road Trip photos at that time.

Enjoy your weekend.

PostHeaderIcon Friday’s Heroes: Killed In The Line Of Duty

Seargent Leslie (Les) Wilmont – Kiefer, Oklahoma Police Department

Sergeant Wilmont, a 30 year veteran and former police chief, was killed when his patrol car struck a tractor trailer.

Deputy Sheriff Michael Sean Thomas – Bibb County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Thomas, an eight year veteran, died May 25, 2008 of injuries he’d received in April when his police motorcycle collided with a pickup truck. The driver of the truck pulled out in front of Deputy Thomas as he approached an intersection.

Deputy Sheriff James Throne - Kern County, California Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Throne was killed May 23, 2008 when his patrol car collided with another patrol car while responding to assist other officers.

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