PostHeaderIcon Weekend Road Trip: 2008 Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Championship

Last weekend, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire hosted a sand sculpting championship that attracted master sand artists from all the world. Over 300 tons of special sand was trucked to the beach for the event. Each contestant was given ten tons of sand and just twenty-one hours to complete their masterpieces. Denene and I were on hand for the action.

Forrest Gump by Merideth Corson took the fourth place honors.

Michele Lepire’s Tropical Paradise placed third in the overall contest, but took home the most prize money, winning both the People’s Choice award and the Sculptor’s Choice award.

Salvador Dali Lama by Fred Mallet won the fifth place honors.

Steve Topazio of Rhode Island created this angry sun blowing down a sand castle.

Tim Russert remembered in sand.

Morning Bath by Carl Jara took the second place spot.

The winner of the 2008 Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting contest was titled Japanese Garden by Karen Fralich of Ontario, Canada.

Karen adds a few finishing touches to her masterpiece.

5 Responses to “Weekend Road Trip: 2008 Hampton Beach Sand Sculpting Championship”

  • Terry says:

    A far cry from the ‘drip castles’ we used to make. But almost as fleeting. Thanks for sharing.

  • Elena says:

    How fascinating – I had no idea sand could be convinced to do such fragile detail – it must be special indeed. The curtain around “Morning Bath” blew me away. And, the winner is quite incredible. Heck they all are. Thank you for traveling and documenting for your grateful audience!

  • Lee Lofland says:

    Terry – They’re almost as detailed as the ones I used to make by filling a plastic bucket with sand and turning it over, forming a bucket shaped glob.

    Elena – Morning bath was our favorite to win. The thin wall of sand that he shaped into a shower curtain was amazing. I just don’t see how it stood up to the elements (the wind was really blowing hard). And to top that off, he completed the sculpture by adding a curtain rod and hooks. Brilliant artist. Well, you’re right, they all are fantastic.

  • D. Swords says:

    Wonderful blog, Lee, and amazing sculptures.

    About how long do most of the sculptures take to create?

  • Lee Lofland says:

    Dave – The artist were given 21 hours to complete their sculptures, and most of them were working on them down to the last second.

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