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*Infographic prepared by Criminal Justice Degree Hub. I have not fact-checked their data.

Click on a state to view stats. Then, click on the “What The Data Measured” tab for further details. Finally, to see how your selected state ranks compared to others, click on the “See How Your State Ranks…” tab. Also, click a state and then click on each of the categories at the top of the graphic. You’ll then see the stats and color code/rank for each section. Play around with it for a few minutes and it’ll begin to make sense. I agree, it’s a bit confusing at first. Remember, I didn’t design it… :) Interesting information, though.

PostHeaderIcon Privatization of the US Prison System

The US Private Prison System

Privatization of the US Prison System. An Infographic from

*Infographic designed and written by The Graveyard Shift has not fact-checked any of the information contained within. Although, we would like to point out that federal prisons operate UNICOR, the prison business that manufactures a variety of items, such as eyewear, circuit boards, furniture, linens, and much more. Inmates working for UNICOR typically earn a higher wage than those who work within the institution—painters, carpenters, electricians, landscapers, dining hall cooks, maintenance, etc.

One of the more unique businesses run by UNICOR is the call center service, such as 411-type directory assistance and customer care. Companies contract with UNICOR to have the inmate labor force handle their call center needs. Not only is the labor extremely inexpensive, one CEO said (from the UNICOR website), “Absenteeism is the bane of the contact center world. UNICOR has effectively eliminated this issue from the equation.” Well, duh. It’s a 100% guarantee that prison workers will always be available for work, since their job and home are both located behind the same locked gates. And, as an added bonus, corrections officers are there to see to it that all inmates report to work and other assigned areas and duties.

For more interesting details about UNICOR please visit You may be surprised at what you see there. Also, here’s the link to a past Graveyard Shift article about UNICOR.

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